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About XiangHua
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Elite team, elite management, elite operation and industry leader
Fulfill corporate social responsibility and constantly climb the quality peak
Corporate culture (core values):
Focus on customers, abide by relevant national laws, regulations, rules and requirements at all times, adhere to innovation, ensure safety, save energy and reduce pollutant emissions, so as to continuously improve the company's quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system and maintain scientific and harmonious development Quality, environment, occupational health and safety policy:
Strict management, high quality service, to meet customer needs;
Abide by laws and regulations, care for employees, and leave health to you and me;
Reduce dust and noise, save energy and reduce consumption, and continuously improve performance.
Social responsibility policy:
People-oriented compliance with laws and regulations
Continuously improve and repay the society
       The contradiction between the limited resources and the unlimited demand for natural resources and products makes sustainable development more important in the new era. For a long time, Xianghua has always been around the top stakeholders, caring for employees, adhering to energy conservation and environmental protection, returning to the community, working with all parties to build a harmonious business environment, promoting the sustainable development of the industrial chain.
      Employees are always the first productive elements of Xianghua and the cornerstone for enterprises to achieve sustainable development. We attach great importance to employee protection, providing a quality work environment and pay and benefits system at the same time, through Continuous investment to provide staff with a sound training mechanism to help staff enhance their ability to achieve personal value.
      We respect human nature and know that only in a relaxed and pleasant environment can employees be creative. Therefore, we have set up a library and entertainment room to organize activities such as Gala and outdoor activities regularly. While the mood is cheerful, the staff care for each other, make the work atmosphere more positive, and make the team more healthy.

Sharewatt Hotels Linens and Amenities Inc.
Address:No. 88 Huayuan Road, Nantong and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu, China
Zip Code:226010
Mobile Phone:13901487019
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